We Are Hiring  a Part Time Customer Service Admin
We are filling a key position and looking for A-Players!
Are passionate about helping others  through creating an amazing client experience
Are you extremely motivated to grow as a person and professionally
Are looking for a rewarding career with growth opportunities

You are dedicated to working with a top level team who continuously breaks the mold
If You Have Enthusiasm to Join One of Wichita's Leading Personal Training Companies...Read On
WANTED: Customer Service Admin
If You Are Dedicated to Making Positive Changes in People's Lives and 
Love Fitness, We Have an Amazing Opportunity For you!
Must Have an Outstanding Personality to Apply
Want to Join a TEAM That You'll Love?
Our Wichita personal training studio is located near K96 & Greenwich at 11010 E 28th St N. This January 2016 we opened a brand NEW 10,500 sq. ft. kick ass, high energy, and state of the art private personal training studio. It's awesome! 

We currently offer one-on-one individualized nutrition and fitness programs, private personal training, semi-private personal training, and bootcamps, which educate, motivate, and support men and women to improve their health and fitness. And, our clients love us!

We take care of everything for our clients and have an all-inclusive lifestyle transformation approach. We mean business and lead the area in personal training expertise. If you are hired for this Office Admin position, you'll begin with Training Program to build your expertise and ensure you're following industry best practices. We offer a fair hourly rate, investment benefits, and will begin our in our staff develop program (to keep you learning professionally and personally).

Bottom line: you’ll become a part of an elite fitness team that is leading the way in every capacity. Our team is made up of the best of the best and we want our new recruits to feel welcome and to be given the opportunity to turn a job into a career. Our studio offers a casual, fun environment, nice training equipment, and the opportunity to learn the inner-workings of a successful personal training studio.

Oh yeah, we also very fair, respectful, and appreciative. We like having fun and making money while providing highly valuable fitness services and products. You will be compensated fairly with a predictable hourly rate plus performance bonuses, treated fairly, and I will certainly look for ways to pay you more for your efforts if they warrant it. We promote and train from within and their is tons of growth opportunities on the horizon (we are growing business). We want someone who enjoys working with people and making a difference in the lives of others…because that’s what we do in our personal training studio. 
Must Have an Outstanding Personality To Apply
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Kalene Smith & Shannon Dykman
Owners, GoTimeTraining
So let us tell you about our company and Office Admin Position...
Our names are Kalene Smith and Shannon Dykman and we run a growing, industry leading personal training company called GoTimeTraining. We are looking for a second Office Admin for our brand NEW 10,500 sq. ft. facility in Northeast Wichita Kansas. 

Our business is dedicated to helping women and men achieve their health and fitness goals through all-inclusive, high end nutrition and fitness programs.

And business is BOOMING! We continuously grow our business every year and are able to help more and more people. 

We are very en-grained and entrenched in our community. We are looked at THE experts for fitness and nutrition and are the go-to source for Wichita personal training and weight loss, hands down. 

We are looking for an enthusiastic, motivated, and energetic person to join our A-TEAM and manage the front of house with greeting clients, answers phones, booking appointments, and managing client accounts. 
Are You Our Next A-Player to Join Our TEAM?
 There are a lot of jobs out there today. At GoTimeTraining we’re ONLY looking for A-Players to join our team. A-Players are people who are committed to excellence in all that they do.

They can get a job anywhere, but they take the time to research the companies they’re considering working for, they’re selective in the interviews they go out on, and they “go the extra mile” in searching for the “right” position because they’re looking for more than a job… they’re looking for a long-term career opportunity.

They’re looking to be part of a team where they can make a positive impact on the world through the work they do WHILE being challenged to grow and become a better version of themselves.

If that doesn't sound like you, then feel free to stop reading this page and close your browser window now. If you think you are, in fact, an A-Player, then please read on to learn more about the exciting opportunity we have available for the right candidate.
To inspire our clients live a healthier and happier life.
1. Earn results by taking responsibility and owning commitment
2. Continuously pursue self development
3. Serve others selflessly
4. Seek to create holistic solutions

500 clients committed to living a healthier and happier life by July 2017.
Must Have an Outstanding Personality To Apply
Our hiring process isn’t quick and easy. We’re going to ask you to jump through a few hoops to prove you’ve got the character as well as demonstrate the values that align with our team and mission.

You’ll be asked to take multiple tests. You’ll have a least 2-3 interviews. And, we’re going to take our time in making sure you’re someone we want to invest our resources in growing.

What we’re really looking for is someone who wants to grow with us in the years to come. And, if you're an A-Player, we're happy to quickly promote you through the ranks in our company.
Greeting clients, building relationships, and delivering an amazing customer experience as soon as they walk through the door. 
Answering phones to educate leads on our services and booking prospects for consultations. Don't worry, we'll teach you all that you need to know to be successful when talking about our programs and using our systems.  
Managing emails and tasks from customers, team members, and the owners directly. We operate at a very fast pace so clear communication is an absolute MUST! 
Managing customer requests concerning payment, account information, and issues that may arise along the way.
Demonstrate proper and efficient communication. This is a big one so we repeated it twice! You are the first person our leads, prospects, clients, and customers talk to and see on a daily basis. You'll need to act with kindness, empathy, and sincerity. Your personality is key to success of this position! 
Must be able to use email (gmail), Apple products, Google Drive, Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint and if you have experience in MindBody online or Customer Relationship Management Software that is a HUGE bonus. We also look for those who are video and photo savvy with a creative touch to their personality. 
Keep the team organized! We are looking for a person who is capable of creating processes to improve daily efficiency, documenting processes, and ensuring everyone is on the same page. Again, effective communication is crucial in our service business. 
Additional tasks may include cleaning, laundry, stocking inventory, placing product orders, coordinating with external supplier, and organizing customer events. Sometimes you'll even need to run errands around town. You'll get to do a bit of everything and no two days are alike. We promise, you'll never be bored working for this A-Team!
Must Have an Outstanding Personality To Apply
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